Quit asking stupid questions! Get your butt through the front door!

LOL....but for real
A) Take one of our challenges! (We'll make you a sweet deal to join our gym after your are done ;)
B) Sign up online
C) Call/text/email a coach and we'll setup a meeting to discuss your goals, needs & abilities
YES, especially for those who take the 42 Day Challenge. But no matter how you join our gym, we make sure every athlete has some nutritional guidance (Those that want it anyway) .....And it comes FREE with any membership.
We currently accept athletes as young as 13 years of age with parental consent. 
YES, basically anytime we are open. We just kindly ask that you be respectful of the coaches and athletes attending current sessions because CLASSES COME FIRST! We have a designated open gym area in the rear of the facility. You may pay your drop in fee via our web page or at the facility! Please to not occupy equipment that is being utilized by the current class and we ask that you please clean and put away all equipment after usage. 
YES, but on Saturday's at 9 AM only. We do occasionally run special events for our members in which guests are openly invited. But we have limited space and resources, so we pour ALL of our TIME & ATTENTION into our athletes as much as we can. Friends are always welcome to purchase a "Drop-In" pass if they cannot attend our free Saturday class. 
  1. We have a shower available for our early morning athletes. 
  2. HealthyMeMeals.com is our provider for freshly made delicacies. Order online and pick up on Tuesdays
  3. Air Relax Compression Therapy for our members to find relief
  4. Percussion Massage Therapy for the more stubborn aches and pains
  5. ROMWOD and Movement Vault video services for those looking to work on their range of motion and flexibilty
  6. In House Massage Therapy by "Relief By Reeves" when you need to be pampered
  7. InBody Composition testing to track all of our athletes
  8. TRIIB technology to keep track of your workout progress. 
  9. UNSUPERVISED Kids room filled with goodies so mom and dad can squeeze in a quick 1 Hour workout
  10. Beverages sold on site to energize OR recover from phenomenal workouts

We'll help you lift all the weights and shove more peanut butter sandwiches down your throat than you can handle. Unless you are allergic to tree nuts.....in which case that would be crazy.
B/C he is too cool for school. We recommend at least 3 workouts a week @ 2L2Q and maybe you can be as cool as he is one day 🤪