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2L2Q Fitness Liability Waiver (6074)

**I understand that, in participating in one or more exercises or fitness activities at 2L2Q or in my use of the equipment or the facilities therein, there is a possibility of accidental or other physical injury or of loss of or damage to my personal property including but not limited to:
  • Falls which can result in serious injury or death;
  • Injury(ies) or death due to negligence on the part of myself, my training partner, or other people around me;
  • Injury(ies) or death due to improper use or failure of equipment; 
  • Strains and/or sprains                
**I am in good physical condition and I am able to use the facilities and equipment at 2L2Q and to participate in exercise and fitness activities available therein.
**I understand I will be charged an early cancellation fee if I choose to terminate this agreement before its fulfillment date equal to the amount of 4 weeks or 30 days of my normal membership rate.

**2L2Q also reserves the right to back bill any special offerings received in acceptance of this agreement!                                                      

**If I am signing on behalf of minor child, I give full permission for any person connected with 2L2Q to administer all first aid measures deemed necessary and, in case of serious illness or injury, to call for medical and/or surgical care for the child and/or transport the child to a medical facility deemed necessary for the well being of the child. (ages 13-17)                                                                                                

**I understand that 2L2Q’s Trainers’ are not medical personnel and have not made any representation whatsoever as to the suitability of me or my participation in its classes or my use of the facility or equipment as to the possible health, physical, or mental risks.

**I understand that 2L2Q’s Trainers’ may not be registered dietitians and/or nutritionists and that any nutritional or diet advice and/or tips may be used at my own risk.

**I understand that 2L2Q and its’ staff members will not be held responsible and are not licensed professionals when it comes to child care. I assume all risks and chances of injuries for my child and assume all responsibilities as a parent/guardian while my child/infant is on 2L2Q properties.

**I understand that there is a 30 day termination/account on hold notice. Should I need to terminate or place my automatic draft on hold, I must notify the 2L2Q staff IN WRITING (In studio, snail mail or email).
**I understand that my membership CANNOT be place on hold in a weekly manner. Hold time is distributed on an as needed basis in increments of 1 month (4 weeks) at a time.
**I hereby grant 2L2Q and its’ ownership rights to use pictures of myself and my likeness for advertising/marketing purposes.          
**I understand that after the fulfillment of my initial membership agreement terms have expired that my membership will become a weekly agreement until I submit my 7 day notice.
**In the event that I relocate further than a 50 mile square radius of the current 2L2Q location, I must provide physical proof of my relocation address in order to terminate membership
**I agree to participate in an “Exit Interview” meeting when I choose to discontinue my 2L2Q Membership